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Iphone sim bypass activation

1How To Bypass iPhone Activation Screen On iOS 5.1Posted by adminon May 5, 2012OH MY GOD! you guys saved my life, honestly. i just updated to 5.1.1 and it still worked.I have a 4 unlocked iphone & I just got a new micro sim. I need to activate the new sim but I would like to use my old sim number is this possible? or is there a way that I can cut my old sim in the iphone 4. Be careful, at that activation is two card game and alone the 3 in 1 dits card industrial plant for the iPhone.

Update 3.0, pwn with redsn0w.Do you know where iphone unlock 3gs ios 4.0?

No more than comments on this story. ITunes will Flash the iphone or ipad with your custom firmware choice either if keep you hand shift while pressing the restore or it will download the last Apple that you want to avoid that this will update the baseband also software and the chances are that unlock software will not beavailablefor time to the baseband firmware...

hi everybody i have iphone 4 how can i active any sim but micro sim on it? ? any sim plz help me Sorry, you bypass a sim (not inevitably the original sim card) to do that. Whatto do when theinevitablehappens & your iphone or ipad software system crashes and you motive to regenerate the microcode via itunes. Ok so i got this iphone 2g but it fair got updated and volition this bypass for it? ?

I am also in Cambodia, and I would like to really know where u bought the phonebook SIM card.

The way to work, when it comes to firmware updates to iTunes Apple products is a bit difficult.Please keep your question to that which came so kindly made for you even after you ask randomly the same thing again and in other peoples issues yet.

Just now, I tried it with my IPhone 3GS, iOS 3.1.3, base band 05.12.01 and it worked like a charm.